The Chronicle

of the month of Jasmarill in the year 140

Their Majesties King Edmund and Queen Emma are delighted to announce the betrothal of their daughter, the Princess Eleanor, to Duke Alexander Calverin of Cascorach. The marriage will take place this year at Midsummer in Linrodeth, and the Chroniclers would like to take this opportunity to wish long life and every happiness to the Princess.

In a hard-fought election Paston Courtney has been elected as the Lord of the City. The final results were as follows:

Raphael Fitz-Simmons


(Tasker, Preston, Fitz-Simmons, Griffiths, Underwood, Downe, Warin.)

Paston Courtney


(Andrews, Little, Courtney, Rimon, Cox, Faithside, Shefford, Mowbray, Worton, Sparman, Bowden.)

Kennet Maxil


(Lansdowne, Maxil, Isenbard, du Bolay, Horl, Belcher.)

Following his convincing victory, Lord Courtney announced that he intends to uphold the long tradition of service built up by previous Lords, and to lead the city into a new era of development and prosperity. A Civic Ball will be held later this month to celebrate Lord Courtney's inauguration, meanwhile Raphael Fitz-Simmons has confirmed that he intends to retire to his country estate after Midsummer.

It appears that Cllr Dixon's challenge to duel with Cllr Perignon has been refused. This challenge appears to have caused most offence to Gibian Horl who, although only the nominal cause of the disagreement, has not taken kindly to the implications of the wording. Rumour has it that the old man of the fishmarket is considering issuing a challenge of his own.

Despite the denials in the Chronicle last month the Justice League appears to have collapsed. The following public letter has been received from Alderman Mowbray and Councillor Dexter: "When we formed the Justice League our objective was to pull together a group of councillors who would always put the interests of the City first., and who would fight the corruption and self interest which plagues our government. It is unfortunate that Cllr Falgar has turned out to be one of those self interested people. It is obvious to us that her interest in the League was purely as a means to gain publicity for herself. Following her blatant double-dealing during the committee elections we decided to offer her the chance of reforming and working with us for the good of the city. Cllr Falgar has repaid our generosity by making ludicrous and scandalous statements in the name of the League. We can only assume that her intention has always been to destroy the League from within. We would like to put on record that we completely disassociate ourselves from Cllr Falgar and that she is expelled from the League forthwith."

Alderman Cox appears to have survived her first crisis in office. A policy of verge clearing, plus an agreement with the Knight Marshall to increase the patrols, seems to have persuaded the bandits to leave the road well alone. Councillor Gillian How has announced that Lord Courtney has accepted her request for a full council debate over the Welland/Shambles boundary dispute. "I'm delighted," she said "when Aldermen Belcher and Isenbard swept the issue under the carpet, I thought we were going to be left with the status quo. Now we have a chance to show them the error of their decision". It would seem that Cllr How does have a better chance this time, her two main opponents being tied up with other matters. Cllr Falgar has a motion of censure to deal with, and Cllr Marc is suffering from a sudden illness.

The Temple of Hahn seems to be ignoring Cllr Falgar's call for reform. The only person willing to comment was Pendentite Antonius who took the time to tell us that Cllr Falgar's accusations were too ludicrous to be worth him spending any time on. Cllr Falgar is continuing her campaign and issued the following statement. "All this proves is that the Hahnites have no idea how to put their house in order and are therefore hiding behind cheap jibes and platitudes to disguise the intellectual vacuum within the Temple." The Temple may not be bothered by Cllr Falgar, however it seems that the Committee for Law and Order is. Its Chairman, Alderman Cox, has proposed a formal motion of censure against Cllr Falgar. She stated that Cllr Falgar's actions, in making an unwarranted attack on the legal structure during a time when the city was just recovering from civil unrest, were grossly irresponsible.

Elsewhere in the city Councillor Reg Marc has been suffering from an attack of bilious humours, a bad pint from his mass-production brewery, critics suggest. Our expert imbiber, Chinon, seems to agree that there has been a noticeable drop in quality since the Marcs opened their new tavern in Faringdon. Guess they just can't get hold of enough rats to add the distinctive flavour any more!