The Chronicle

of the month of Heliora in the year 156

The docks and warehouses of Linrodeth are still running below capacity, according to reports from the Mercers and Grossers Guilds. Nonetheless, shipping remains brisk, possibly due to rumours of more Naval action this summer. The Iremia, the Festinatio, and Gorosneh Mâr have all made the long journey from the City States, and the exotic cargo of the Half-Chance is rumoured to be due in port anytime. Less favourably The Trident, skippered by Captain Eagleview, has returned from Nyskilde with confirmation that the Noordic settlement remains encamped within the city ruins, and that no trace of the Nyskilde Venture Company can be seen. However, stories of new shipwrecks along the Mulleister coast give some indication of the fate of its supporting fleet.

The North Shore has required firm intervention from the City Guard this month, as restless crowds continue to form and disperse throughout the settlements. Generally the mood remains watchful, and a heavy presence of the military along the main streets has ensured that the scavenger carts and rubbish tips operate without interruption. Count Cutario, clearly concerned about business to Ye Oval, has ensured that its access roads are especially well patrolled. In the Witanmoot Alderman William Trueman commented, "I call on the Alderman for Bridge and the chair of Welfare and Education to sort out the situation on Northshore. Surely, it is not beyond his wit to arrange the efficient distribution of rubbish to where it is wanted rather than not wanted? I have supported the call for funds to provide the infrastructure to support the dockyards in Northshore. Northshore has great potential and the situation there should be formalised, so that the residents can become proper citizens."

The Witanmoot annual budgets went through on the nod yet again, with only a minor scrap over the insane proposal to waste funds by rebuilding the Berewic Memorial. The intervention of Phillipe Grayson's Independents finally enabled this to be defeated by 4 votes.

Following the execution of Artificer Jeremiah Hock last week, the redoubtable Mrs Chant continues her campaign against the King's Theatre with a petition to the wardmoot. The request, backed by many local residents, cites the theatre as the cause of "much lewde and disorderly behaviours", with the consequent loss of business to neighbouring "honest and conscientious households". The petition then presses local councillors to remove the theatre's license to perform. Alderman Dominic Horner has confirmed that he will be holding a hearing into the matter, but has refused to comment further on the matter.

Alderman Jim Bottler, O.M., hosted a sumptuous dinner party at his mansion prior to his departure for Salvoyn. The private party, for a mere 100 guests, culminated in Princess Selina unveiling a massive round stained glass window in there to commemorate Linrodeth's great Naval victory last year. The lower half of the window shows the city of Linrodeth, with Jim Bottler positioning the final stones in the rebuilt Citadel, assisted by his wife and representatives of the construction guilds and cheering citizens. At the centre of the window Princess Selina stands in a Citadel tower, where she looks out over the sea into the distance. There she sees the fleets of Linrodeth vanquishing enemy ships which are splintered and sinking. Three pennants fly from the Citadel with the words: Selina, Linrodeth, Victorious. The following morning a large and mostly supportive crowd cheered the departure of Bottler and his entourage onto The Trident for its journey south.