The Chronicle

of the month of Heliora in the year 155

The Siege of Salvoyn has begun. The enemy ships fled before our fleet, a blockade has been established and Salvoyn has effectively ceased to be a port. Several attempts to break through have been thwarted and ships and goods confiscated. Work is now underway to establish a staging post where ships travelling up from the City states can break their journeys before continuing on to Linrodeth. Several protests from various city states have been received, however the Navy is holding firm. Any ship seeking to enter or leave the port of Salvoyn is subject to attack, search and seizure. The only concern now is the failure of Eresan to march upon the City. Whist King Kieran's army has moved down from the escarpment it is lingering in the Gavelkinden the opportunity to decisively defeat Salvoyn may be lost.

Preparations for the Dragonfeast are continuing apace. Lady Davy has taken the lead and ably supported by the Sheriffs and the ever enthusiastic William Trueman the great day is taking shape as a major celebration. As would be expected military contests will form a major part of the pastimes with the archery contest taking a particularly major role. The contest has been split into three groups with the military and citizens competing separately and a later all comers contest which promises to be a tightly fought affair. Traditional sports will also play a major part. A new addition this year will be chariot racing which, along with some other special events and the ever important ward football march, is being organised at the stadium. Crafts will however not be forgotten and the guilds, under the co-ordination of Emma Chireton have promised a huge market and crafts show. The theme of dragons appears to be particularly prevalent this year and the ward apprentices "dragon wagon" contest is looks set to be a newfound favourite.

Lady Davy has announced a grand feast for the night of Midsummer and for the first time in years the cities dressmakers are declaring themselves to be too busy to take new orders. Princess Selina has confirmed her attendance and that of much of her court. Competition for invites amongst leading Citizens for the limited places is fierce with many new socialites seeking to replace the old stalwarts at what is clearly going to be the definitive social event of the year.

William Trueman has launched a major campaign to coincide with the Sheriffs elections. Commenting on the closeness of the recent Lordship vote he promised to "Allow people the choice of who leads them by continuing to put up candidates, even if it disturbs the cosy status quo". The vote for sheriff will be between Nicholas Bowden, Olivia Warin and Mary Hastings which to many observers looks rather cosy. Indeed in a surprising counter attack Audrey Wirstan made an impassioned speech about the desperate need for new factions to rise up to challenge the cosy status quo which the Bottler, Trueman, Cutario consensus represents.

Rumours are beginning to circulate that Princess Alexis has either been kidnapped or has fled Cascorach to escape from her marriage. Whist official statements speak of a "seclusion and vigil' the hectic military activity and frequent questioning of merchants about a "girl of about 12' has caused many to believe that the Princess is no longer in Cascorach. If the heir to the throne of Athion is indeed abroad with little or no escort at a time when King Kieran lies injured then the Chronicle fears for the safety of what little stability is still left.