The Chronicle

of the month of Heliora in the year 153

A month after the news of the Noordic invasion broke, the reaction of Linrodeth citizens continues to be one of bemusement. While opinions range from “Good, a new trading ally”, to “It’s that damned Ravensgrim who trashed Cadene”, by far the most common comment is” We successfully invaded and then gave it back?!!” Commentators point out that Princess Selina’s manoeuvre does bear more resemblance to a trading take-over than an Athionic assault. Most surprising is the efficiency and enthusiasm with which the Guilds are launching new trade initiatives to the Noordic Isles, suggesting that the trade routes south may be more hazardous than was previously thought. Alderman Cutario has hosted several soirées at the Citadel in an attempt to drum up new investors, and Alderman Monterey has amended the Trade budget by transferring £200 from the new docks to fund an emissary to the Western Isles. His initiative was perhaps upstaged by Alderman Bottler who was pleased to announce that Princess Selina has created an Embassy to the Noord King, and approved a post of trade emissary from the Witanmoot. Alderman Bottler concluded by nominating Samuel Rucche to this post.

Other business in the Witanmoot has taken some surprising twists and turns this month. The controversial tax-raising budget was passed nem com, then Davy, Bowden and Warin were all nominated for the posts of Sheriff as expected. After this Cllr Lambourne raised the subject of Reshites with the following statement, "The good and loyal people of Linrodeth are sick and tired of seeing the laws of the City openly flouted, with the collusion of high-ranking members of this house. It is our duty to lead by example. Our hands must be seen to be clean. I therefore propose the following motion before Council:

“This house affirms that no public funds will knowingly be spent on goods or services provided by known Reshites. Neither will it knowingly employ known Reshites as public servants. To this end it will take all reasonable steps to investigate such persons and businesses before public funds are spent. This house further undertakes to investigate all current public servants, suppliers and contractors, and to cease the disbursement of public funds to all those found to be practising the illegal Reshite heresy.”

As a clear attempt to disrupt Maureen Quiller’s recent acceptance into the Trueman faction, it was especially interesting to note that the motion was seconded by Alderman Bottler who added, “This Council has, in its wisdom, already passed a motion expelling the worshippers of Resh. And yet we have done nothing to enact this order. No further judgements need be made by this Council; it requires only action. I call upon the Chair of the Committee for Law and Order to begin immediate proceedings to banish from the City the followers of this evil cult." As a follow-up Cllr Lambourne asked Lady Andrews to make a statement on the recent football matches, “Has the late King’s law now been struck from the statute books and, if so, why weren’t we officially informed?” An amused Lady Andrews instead called upon Alderman Cutario to speak. He announced. “Her Highness Princess Selina is most willing to consider the repeal of this law. I am aware that a large petition is already being organised by citizens and I applaud their initiative. I call upon the Witanmoot to declare its support for the repeal of this archaic and obstructive decree.”

This announcement ended Lady Andrew’s brief success in council as business then moved on to debate the proposed War Compensation scheme. This idea was criticised from all sides of the chamber and the proposal was overwhelmingly defeated. the Guilds will clearly have to look to their own coffers to support their members. Next up was Trueman’s proposals for a civic investigative force; this idea was also widely criticised in its current format, but councillors seemed unwilling to vote down the concept altogether. After several alternative proposals were made, Lady Andrews referred the matter to the Law & Order committee for a recommendation to council.

Linrodeth’s victorious navy has returned to Kingsport. The official Admiralty welcome became particularly warm when the flagship Resolute hove into view. The Resolute was one of the few losses in the major sea battle last autumn, and it was expected that the captured ship would be sold to Salvoyn at the earliest opportunity. The Resolute was manned by what can only be described as a skeleton crew, as she was freed shortly before the invasion by an enslaved group of navy officers who are looking distinctly the worse for their experience. The rest of the fleet have now resumed their stations beyond the estuary, or have returned to trading duties (much to the relief of the waiting merchants). Suggestions that either the escape of the Resolute or the glorious fleet invasion become the subject of an especially commissioned play have so far met with a cool reception from the Bards College.

The Citadel has made the by now unsurprising announcement that Her Highness Princess Selina is indeed pregnant and will be making no further public engagements from Midsummer until the end of the year.

The Vintners Guild have offered their apologies for the postponement of the eagerly awaited auction of the Wealden Hoard. The delays are apparently due to Monterey’s more pressing business concerning the forthcoming Sheriffs Elections.

Seagulls are causing serious problems for the Brynette surveyors in Bridge ward. Work on the new dockside has almost ground to a halt after labourers disturbed a nesting colony of Herring gulls. The gulls promptly attacked and are proving exceptionally aggressive in defending their nesting grounds, where the young gulls are nearly ready to fly. The gulls have shown a particular dislike of the saffron robes worn by the junior Brynettes, and repeatedly dive on the acolytes. The local fishermen are vastly amused but deny egging them on.