The Chronicle

of the month of Heliora in the year 149

The fight for control of the Witanmoot has intensified with Marcus Lambourne finally breaking the status quo consensus with his nomination of Jenny Davy for Sheriff. Lambourne has the clear support of the commons and has been much in evidence supporting the rights of backbenchers and building support amongst the councillors. Richard Saunders told the Chronicle. "It is about time someone stood up against the rich and powerful of this City. The Commons are the elected representatives of the people, but Monterey and his ilk have for far too long ignored us. If Marcus is going to change that then I for one will be supporting him." Councillor Saunders protestations have not dissuaded Alan Monterey from proposing Alison Shefford, and William Trueman Miranda Andrews. The Sheriffs vote is after all a vote of the Alderman and Lambourne may not be strong enough in this area to pull off his coup. However the breaking of the consensus is an important event confirming a return to normal politics and a likely challenge to the Lordship.

The Commons' new-found independence did not prove a particularly receptive environment for Alan Monterey's proposed reinstatement of the envoy to Kerun. Despite his well reasoned arguments he narrowly failed to win the vote. It was also less than receptive to his criticism of the oversight committee. The councillors did not take well to having something they had voted for described as "an ill-defined, waste of money" and his attempt to have the committee removed failed. This of course means that the council will now have to define what the money is to be wasted on.

William Trueman has been exhibiting a bravery comparable with that of the much missed Richard Firethorn. Not content with the risks involved in approaching Princess Selina for a £12,000 loan to get the over the budget crisis, our fearless Goldsmith has made a very brave speech thanking the Citadel for their unselfish surrender which has enabled the city to be effectively defended despite Princess Selina's attack.

General Olvini has announced his intention to return the occupied wards to civilian control as early as possible. All citizens with a claim to property in the occupied wards are requested to present themselves along with supporting evidence of the Generals office in Dracas before the end of the month. The General hopes to restore houses before the Midwinter Festival with preference going to those people who can exchange a current accommodation in another ward for their old property.

With the Citadel firmly under her control Princess Selina has ordered much of the Cavalry to the north to deal with the Noordic threat. The troops have already had a number of successful engagements and Linrodeth's Northern approaches appear to be secure. Rumours suggest that the Noord may be in a mood to negotiate, and that this news is being suppressed by the Witanmoot in their desire to get the wall funded through excessive taxation.

Travelling merchants have confirmed earlier reports of the fall of Cascorach to forces of Prince Edward. Whilst the great castle is still holding out, it is now only a matter of time before Edward controls both the great cites of the south. Wild stories abound that Princess Eleanor escaped from the castle on the back of a great winged dragon. The Chronicle would normally discount such news, however a significant number of witnesses claim to have seen the great fiery beast.

Many citizens will already have felt the effects of the out-of-control wagon which rolled down Levestone hill last week causing much property damage and several injuries along the way. The ensuing attempts to clear up the mess effectively blocked all roads between the port and the Witanmoot for several hours, bringing much of the city to a halt. Unsurprisingly, no-one has come forward to claim the smashed wagon and its few remaining wool bales. Alderman Monterey is particularly keen to find the perpetrator after personally losing a crate of Kerunian white under those wheels.

The river Dow turned purple this week much to the delight of the street urchins and disconcerting the cluster of river families below Dowgate. The unusual event was rapidly traced to an outflow from the workshops of one Talus Snapdragon, whereupon a number of polizei patrols declined to investigate further.

The Bards' College have been much in evidence this month setting up pendulums and dowsing in a number of areas in and around the city. The participating students have described these odd exercises as "standard field work". The presence of several senior masters suggests otherwise. A number of eyewitnesses have reported a prolonged visit to Master Alethorn by Alderman Monterey, who appeared not to be reassured by whatever was discussed. A number of ex-Witanmoot Guard polizei have expressed concern about the enpurpled Berewic monument, recently the scene of activities by Salvoynian visitors.

Lilith Lansdowne's hopes of getting her house back may be delayed by the poor state of the Citadel. Those allowed into the Citadel soon after its capitulation were shocked by its deterioration. The outbuildings and much of the furniture have been demolished for firewood, and the kitchens may have been the scene of minor riots. Visitors speak of tapestries and substantial sections of the library burnt or missing. The Princess has ordered a great number of furnishings from the local guilds, but in the meantime is continuing to hold court within the Lansdowne residence. General Olvini is believed to still be undergoing a security sweep of the inner keep of the Citadel after a number of traps were found, and has sent several samples of well-water to the temples for testing.

The Trade Committee is lobbying for increased recognition from the Council, asking for better access to the port and improved wharves. Members point out that with the long distance land routes closed or very hazardous, almost all of Linrodeth's high value trade is coming in via the port. While a number of food guilds have chosen to take offence at the statement, it does appear that the numbers of ships in dock this summer is high. The Customs Master is believed to be implementing something called a 'fast turnaround' on ships, which seems to be immensely unpopular amongst the ships' crews.

The hot, sunny weather has brought Linrodeth's beggar community out in force. Citizens used to the clear, quiet streets of the military curfew seem bemused by the reappearance of the maimed, diseased and filthy poor. Street life has also taken a turn for the noisier with the appearance of a number of Kerunian style 'tea parlours' which are setting tables and chairs out on the street. These new drinking establishments, confusingly, do not sell normal alcohol but concentrate on tea and a number of "interesting addictive social drugs". The Torians are believed to already be investigating these tea dens with a view to lobbying for their immediate closure.

A pall of thick smoke is visible along the southern horizon beyond Botmoor. This has raised much speculation in the city on the eventual fate of Lady Perignon's army and what forces it might have met with on its march. Some commentators have pointed out that with the ex-Citadel regiments, the Hahnite cavalry, any local peasant levy and King Edward's forces all looking for supplies, life in the Tonoma Hills might be very interesting at the moment.