The Chronicle

of the month of Heliora in the year 146

Frenzied attempts to push through an orderly budget before the Midsummer muster and sheriff nominations has resulted in Lord Dixon postponing the vote on Land Registration. This may not help the majority of councillors trying to read the small print for changes while keeping track of which version they are on. Fortunately the overall budget split has been passed, with Trueman withdrawing his amendments for that stage and the Avery amendment being defeated with a sizeable majority. Yet more parchment is now circulating with the individual committee budget proposals. One Alderman who seems to have opted to ignore the process entirely is Eliott Anderson, who has completely failed to produce proposals from the Shipping Committee. The Trueman and Cressoniere controlled committees have proved to be active participants with a number of amendments, despite various incidents which have resulted in both faction leaders retiring to the Torian Infirmary. Concern is also growing at the current whereabouts of Aralan Derwent who has gone missing just before the opening of nomination for the Sheriff elections, in which she was expected to do well. Citizens with any information or sightings of the Berewic alderman are asked to contact the Witanmoot Guard before they come looking for you.

The Tourney Fields, on a brisk summer morning, was the location for Councillors Emily Martel and Ellana Cressoniere to meet to settle a point of honour. The event was well attended by many Witanmoot members, and Lady Beatrice led a sizeable contingent of court ladies from the Citadel. One conspicuous absence was Cllr Alan Monterey, the cause of all the trouble in the first place. The two duellists turned out to be very evenly matched, with fast and stylish bladework throughout the first few minutes. The exchange began to work in Ellana's favour with Emily losing ground, until a particularly risky and flamboyant attack by Emily forced Ellana back onto the defensive and drew applause from the onlookers. Cressoniere's next attack was the first to draw blood with a light cut, but again this seems to provoke an improved level of fencing from her opponent. A second acrobatic attack from Martel was less successful and left her off-balance but Cressoniere, obviously suspecting a trap, failed to take advantage of the slip. The duel then became much quieter, eventually causing some heckling from the crowd which provoked Martel to a returning cut on her opponent. Both councillors then launched into a furious exchange which left both women wounded, at this point the Torians stepped in and halted the fight. The duel was declared to be an honourable draw.

Proclamations have just arrived from His Majesty King Edmund who has announced his intention to hold the next Dragonfeast in Nyskilde. The move will come as a blow to many of Linrodeth's merchants who felt that the outstanding success of the last Dragonfeast would have enable Linrodeth to establish itself as the natural location of this important event. Tiliniel Falgar told the Chronicle "I'm devastated, Linrodeth should never have given up its agreement to hold the feast. It's just once again an example of councillors putting short term gain ahead of the long term future of this City" Donal Lanark, the envoy from Nyskilde, expressed his delight "I hope that many of Linrodeth's merchants will travel to our city for this momentous event. His Majesty has made a very wise decision which will enable us to demonstrate to the world our recovery from the recent invasion."

Concern is growing over arson in the wards of Cripplegate and Faringdon. The attacks seem to be an attempt by the original residents to force out many of the people who have taken the opportunity of free land to establish makeshift homes. One fire was definitely perpetrated by a mob of about 30 people chanting "Back to the river" and "scum go home". Bernard Hubold told the Chronicle "I deplore people taking the law into their own hands but it is, I am afraid, an understandable reaction. Although many of the new settlers have established honest businesses it's an unfortunate fact that we have also acquired a lot of criminals. With the restrictions the Witanmoot have placed upon my watch there is very little we can do to get rid of them"

More merchant ships are returning from Nyskilde, including several which had overwintered there during the invasion. Descriptions of a bloody and destructive occupation are numerous, although there is little information on individuals as yet, much to the concern of many merchant families. Also in port is an unexpected arrival, the Barracuda from Hadabrynn with a cargo of spices, paints, perfumes and many other substances which are proving difficult for the city officials to classify and tax. The Apothecaries guild is said to be "ecstatic", which may at least account for the properties of one of the powders.