The Chronicle

of the month of Heliora in the year 144

Princess Selina Karandreos paid a surprise visit to the city this month. Arriving in full state aboard The Allapsus, she proceeded straight to the Citadel where she was met by the King. A spokesman for the Princess explained. "We received rumours in Kerun that the City of Linrodeth had burnt down. Concerned for her betrothed, and for the citizens of his city, the Princess felt she had to come here at the earliest opportunity." The Princess has been showing her obviously genuine concern during tours of the devastated wards and refugee camps, during which she has distributed alms to the needy. The Princess and young Prince Edwin have now left for Kerun and the Chronicle would like to wish the every happiness in their future lives. Prince Edwin is being accompanied on the voyage by a number of his friends from the Bards College, who it is believed will be putting on a performance as part of the marriage celebrations.

The City's budget crisis is now coming to a head with Alderman Shefford's publication of her proposals for the budget split and taxation levies for the coming year. The proposals include the removal of taxation from the burnt out wards and an increase in taxation for all other wards, despite protestations that the fire will reduce the level of taxes that can be raised. Alderman Douglas Du Bolay of Arpent told the Chroniclers, "By not reducing the levy due from the ward, Alderman Shefford is effectively increasing taxes by one and a half shillings in the pound. For many people in my ward, who already pay several times what people in other wards pay, this is unacceptable."

The budgets for each committee are also very tight and rumoured cuts include nearly all the building and road maintenance, the orphanage, the water project, the closure of the some prisons, the mothballing of the embassies, the withdrawal of the City's donations to the Temples and, most controversially, the cancelling of all guild examinations. Alan Monterey has earned himself the respect of a number of councillors during the process, by succeeding in the normally thankless task of co-ordinating the activities of the various committees.

Alderman Aralan Derwent has announced the conclusion of a deal to secure supplies of grain to the City for the rest of the year. The deal with Isabella de Chabot of Salvoyn guarantees the city 20,000 bushels at a fixed price of 2s a bushel. Lady Chabot told the Chronicle, "We are delighted to be able to help Linrodeth thorough this crisis." The negotiations were somewhat fraught and at one stage an attempt was made to poison one of the City States bidders during a reception at the Bards College. Alderman Derwent, however, seems to have come out on top of the situation. To the Chroniclers' knowledge she received several expensive gifts from the potential bidders, all far too 'personalised' to go into the city coffers.

We are told that the City's refugee problem is now under control. Cllr Adam Avery has spent much time establishing a scheme to house some of the homeless with members of the same guild in other wards. Citizens whom it has not been possible to cater for under this scheme have been housed in the Marshgate and Kingsgate prisons which are also acting as centres for the distribution of emergency food. Some disputes have arisen after the imposition of strictly enforced rules about who may have the emergency food, however with martial law still in force, these disputes have not lasted long.

Several citizens of Dowgate have been killed by the Witanmoot Guard. Sergeant Gruffyd who ordered the attack told the Chronicle, "The mob had abused several citizens who attempted to use the Dow Gate and was in the process of killing a resident of the Floating Market when we arrived. I ordered them to disperse, and when they reused to do so I ordered their arrest. Several of them were injured when they failed to come quietly." Alderman Fytton told the Chronicle, "These citizens were merely complaining about the arrest of Cllr Barns. I am outraged. The guard have no justification for this disgraceful act – the Sheriffs should resign at once."

Chinon Starsinger reports that the Empty Barrel in Welland is now broaching several new barrels of 'Reggy's Best', pints of which are being offered free to members of the Council. See you there.