The Chronicle

of the month of Heliora in the year 143

It is with deep regret that the Chronicle reports the death of the Archimandrite who died peacefully at the Hahnite Temple. Tributes have been arriving from throughout the country for the man who many see as the architect of our Kingdom. His Majesty is reported to be in deep mourning and has cancelled all his social engagements. Plenipotentiary Jasmine told the Chronicle, "He was a great man who will be missed by everyone who knew him, and who deserves the thanks of all those who have benefited from the Law which he established". When asked about rumours that she will be making a bid to become the next Archimandrite she told us, "I believe it would be inappropriate to discuss the matter at this time, but obviously I am willing to serve should Hahn call upon me".

The Princess Eleanor has arrived from Cascorach, accompanied by Plenipotentiary Edward de Belleme, the Astrologer Royal and a number of notable Cascorach citizens. The Princess was greeted by a large crowd of cheering citizens and was clearly pleased to be back in the city. One surprise member of her party was Sir Gawain Carleon who was captured by the Gelt during the Summer 138 campaign, and who has spent the last five years as their prisoner. The Gelt are famed for their policy of never taking prisoners, and Sir Gawain had been reported as killed in action. Clearly something odd has taken place, and Sir Gawain is being kept under close guard until the King grants an audience. Rumour says that Sir Gawain has been refused permission to rejoin his old regiment, or that of his old mentor, Sir Raif Fitz-Payne.

The duel between Councillor Avery and Councillor Drumm has ended with both councillors in the Torian Temple, although Cllr Avery's condition is considered to be far the most serious. The duel started furiously and both councillors drew blood early on during the first exchange. However, neither was willing to yield and the fight continued until Cllr Drumm slipped inside Avery's guard, causing a disabling shoulder wound. Many notable councillors turned out to witness the fight, although the heckling and 'helpful' comments from Cllr Derwent, Alderman Dixon and Sheriff Perignon were probably not appreciated. One councillor not in attendance was Richard Firethorn, who described the fight as a disgraceful way for councillors to settle their differences, and who has proposed a motion of censure. Cllr Avery is reported to have replied that Firethorn was a wimp, and that there was nothing wrong with a good duel.

Another caravan has been attacked by bandits. This time a Mercers' train was hit in the Shottenden hills. Reports suggest that the caravan was attacked by about twenty bandits, mostly on foot. The caravan, which had come from Nyskilde, was not aware of the bandit problem, and this raises concern for the caravan which left Linrodeth last month and which the incoming train should have met.

Our councillors still appear to be having trouble figuring out how to spend all the money they voted through for the Dragonfeast; "Couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery", commented our special reporter, Chinon Starsinger. However, a number of enterprising schemes have been proposed. A great deal of effort seems to be going into figuring out ways of returning the money to the Guilds from which it was levied. For example, Aralan Derwent has been lobbying for the production of a ludicrously expensive tapestry to commemorate the occasion. Perhaps our councillors should be concentrating making the event a success rather than lining the pockets of their friends.

Harry Truestaff is to face a hearing before Alderman Tasker charged with lewdness, disorderly conduct and bringing the council into disrepute. Apparently Councillor Truestaff's drunken debauchery (rumoured to have involved Poppy Soboll) has finally gone too far, and there have been a number of calls for his resignation. Alderman Alan Carter has obviously decided that enough is enough, and he has left the Truestaff camp for that of Larken Drumm.

Nominations for the Sheriff Elections at Midsummer are as follows:

Miranda Andrews

Matthew Dixon

Alan Griffiths

Beatrice Perignon

The Treasury budget was passed with roughly half the Council abstaining.