The Chronicle

of the month of Heliora in the year 142

The Court of Common Council reached a deadlock last month over the two budget amendments proposed following the controversial 1s.2d tax hike announced in this years budget. Both amendments were closer to last years figures, with the Perignon proposal suggesting a 6d average increase per household, and the Dixon one a 10d equivalent. It was left to newcomer Councillor Adam Avery to break the deadlock, with a speech pointing out that the Dixon amendment suffered from the same flaw as the original budget – that it contained items not yet approved by full Council session. The final council vote then went to 142 votes for the Perignon amendment, and 121 votes for the Dixon amendment. Councillor Avery then rose to his feet again to suggest that Councillor Dixon's suggestions should now be examined in more detail. He formally proposed "That the Council investigate the extension of the Witanmoot Guards' area of responsibility to include the Bridge, and the resultant transfer of funds from the Committee for Trade to the Sheriffs' Office." The vote on this will take place next month. Earlier this month the Treasury's budget outline was proposed for the year. It was identical to those of previous years and was passed without dissent.

Beatrice Perignon, Alan Griffiths, Eliott Anderson were nominated for Sheriff.

Somewhat belatedly, Gax the Heretic has spoken out against proposals for a new city orphanage. In a scathing attack delivered from the Mootstone, he told a large crowd, "The proposals of Ms Perignon that the city establish an orphanage, are indicative of the Establishment's failure to respond to the true needs of its citizens, and of the perversion of projects of the common good to the service of self interest. Citizens should be under no illusions as to the true purpose of Ms Perignon's proposals which is to establish a centre for the indoctrination of the youth of the city in the Hahnite faith". The good natured, although puzzled, cheering of the crowd subsided in time for them to hear about the new Highsun Fete, to be held in Avigon, the proceeds from which will go to Gax's orphanage out eastside.

Following the retirement of Sir Paston Courtney, the Carpenters Guild has been holding elections to determine the new look of the Guild. Punters had expected the high profile Matthew Dixon to emerge as the new leader, but it turned out that Nicholas Bowden was returned as the new Guildmaster. Cllr Dixon managed to land the office of Treasurer instead, and Mervyn James becomes the new Secretary.

Residents of the Ward of Dowgate have been losing sleep and temper to a fresh irritation from the Floating Market. On odd nights for the past two weeks a persistent noise, described variously as a low thrumming or deep drumming sound, has been emanating from the river slum. Angry residents have already started to shoot the occasional fire arrow into the area, but these have so far failed to make any difference. However, a petition has been sent to the Knight Marshal, Sir Salverian, asking him to clear this public nuisance from the King's Highway. Maybe we shall see sparks flying soon.

The Shipwrights are noted to be working on a particularly large and ornate ocean-going vessel, apparently a commission from the Temple of Esprayenna. Rumours continue that this is one of the rare, exploratory, Ships of the Dawn.