The Chronicle

of the month of Heliora in the year 139

Romance seems to have been the in occupation this month; Thomas Castlemaine's pursuit of the Lady Sapphire has been conspicuous by its failure and it would appear that the once dashing councillor, having lost the lady of his dreams, has turned to drink and despair.

Samantha Cox has also been pursued relentlessly by both Duncan Barnett and Gibian Horl. Alderman Cox appears to be thoroughly enjoying both the sparkling wit of Duncan Barnett, and the trappings of success provided by man of the month Gibian Horl. Which will be successful in winning her heart is up for debate, but as Samantha said herself "when two wonderful men chose to entertain you, only a fool would choose between them". The chaperoning actions of her 'sugar daddy' Armundus Septer seem to have met with little success, and indeed the old man has often found himself left behind in this whirlwind of romance.

It was a solemn and distinguished court that gathered before Lord Raphael Fitz-Simmons to judge Matthew Dixon, lately councillor of Levestone Ward, on the charge of Lawlessness and Treachery. Cllr Beatrice Perignon appeared as the main witness, having investigated and gathered evidence on Dixon's dealings during the month of Pipetal. Other witnesses also appeared, one backing Cllr Perignon's statements, and one backing Dixon's denials of the same. Lord Raphael's summing up was as follows: "Matthew Dixon is a well-liked and respected resident of Levestone ward, and a hardworking member of the Guild of Carpenters. In recent months he seems to have borne the brunt of a number of allegations, and I note that the evidence presented here is conflicting and by no means conclusive. I must repeat that all citizens are innocent until proven guilty." Despite this warning the court found ex-Cllr Dixon guilty as charged. Matthew Dixon was sentenced to life imprisonment.

The recent duel between Malcolm Mowbray and Elliot Sparman lacked the sparkle and flair that we have become used to in recent months. Indeed compared with the brilliant display produced by the Crimson Councillor, this months clash was positively embarrassing in its execution. They met at dawn and, after a number of minutes edging around, finally lunged at each other. Blood was drawn on both sides and a rather relieved pair of councillors agreed that honour had been satisfied and headed off to the nearest pub for a stiff drink.

Preparations for THE event of the year are already underway as the city begins to prepare for the 18th birthday celebrations of Her Royal Highness the Princess Eleanor. Initial rumours that the event will be held within the Archimandrite's Palace have been confirmed, and many notables of the city are attempting to gain invites (without any success). The most honoured guests of the ball will be; Prince Khalid al-Kabeshi of Orissa, Prince Pharos Karandreos of Kerun, Prince Konrad vagn Korsbaek of Garth and Duke Alexander Calverin of Cascorach, all of whom hope to win the Princess' hand (and her not inconsiderable dowry) in marriage. The ball promises to be the most spectacularly lavish bash yet seen, and the King has imposed a special tax in order to pay for it all.