The Chronicle

of the month of Galemir in the year 157

This month's committee elections resulted in a startling tied vote for all of the contested committee chairmanships. It was therefore left to Lady Davy to resolve the situation, which she did with her usual decisiveness. Witanmoot watchers have tried to determine a pattern in the voting, but it would appear that the shifts of Alderman last month have resulted in a wider distribution of votes and a reduction in the coherence of some of the old power blocks. Much positioning is going on, but for the first time in many years no clear alliances exist. In fact the Witanmoot is more defined by its divisions with Scathlocke & Bottler and Monterey & Ryman clearly avoiding voting for the same candidate. The final results were as follows


Melanie Romanie


Thomas Osbert

Law and Order

Peter Ryman


Eva Capel

Welfare and Education

Rose Cheping

Lands and Agriculture

Marie Cripstead

Envoy to Kerun

Jemma Downe

Envoy to Orissa

Hugo Merewell

Envoy to Eresan

Alan Monterey

Envoy to Cascorach

Godwin Green

Envoy to Western Isles

Gillian Howe

The cold weather and heavy snows continue without much abatement this month, leading to concerns over flooding when the thaw comes. Nonetheless, the Brynette Temple is pushing for an early resumption of its delayed building work, and Alderman de Clare has begun to repair the abandoned scaffolding along the side of the furnaces.

Last month's fire in Brown's tannery has been followed this month by another major fire in the same area. This time Humbles leather workshop was the focus of the events. Suspicions have been raised that the most recent fire was arson, bringing into question whether the Brown's fire was also not an accident.

The King's Theatre has been forced to suspend its childminding service after being swamped by customers from all over the city. The crush on the final day was such that several youngsters and not a few parents were hurt. Alderman Horner is in negotiations with the Theatre owners to see if alternative arrangements can be made.

Her Highness Princess Selina has conducted a surprise inspection of Kingsport, no mean feat considering the inclement weather. Her Highness departed by sleigh down the river, and transferred to the causeway near the estuary. Some unusual exertion was required by her noble entourage, but almost the entire court had returned safely by sunset.

The Chronicles would like to congratulate the Arch-divide Recorder on this most auspicious landmark publication.