The Chronicle

of the month of Galemir in the year 149

The lifting of the curfew has now been extended to the entire City. Making the announcement General Olvini told a cheering Witanmoot, “The people of Linrodeth have shown themselves to be honest, hard working and loyal. I see no reason to continue with the curfew which is no longer a necessary part of our plans to control the supporters of the old order”. The lifting of the curfew has been celebrated throughout the city with the greatest revelry occurring in Castle Bard. The rolling programme of lifting a few wards each day resulted in a fresh party in every night for a week with the few brave survivors claiming to have managed to visit every celebration. Citizens are reminded that the militarised zone is still out of bounds and that the City Gates remain closed during from sundown to dawn.

The route of the new wall has been confirmed by Lady Tasker's decree confiscating the required land. Warehouse owners have been told that they will receive reasonable recompense, although the form and timing of this will be at the discretion of the Treasury. Master Mason Gilbert de Clare told the Chronicle, “Councillor Bottler and I have worked day and night to bring this proposal to fruition. The proposed route has been agreed by the military and by the local wards. It is not a compromise. It is the best route for everyone”..

A desperate and daring attack by Linrodeth Freedom Fighters on the home of General Olvini has failed, leaving six members dead and three others in prison. The attack was well planned and executed by men who knew the building layout, however they were betrayed and fell into an ambush. The Polizei have since rounded up a number of other suspects and further arrests are expected. Concerns that the attack would result in a return of the curfew have been allayed by the General who described the incident as “the last desperate attempt of a collapsing opposition which is no longer worthy of attention”. Indeed the failure of the attack seems to have broken the Freedom Fighters and no further incidents have occurred this month. The Chronicle has been unable to make contact with the surviving members and it seems likely that the campaign against the Kerunian invaders has been seriously damaged. if not destroyed.

The realignment of the Witanmoot has continued this month with major announcements from all the key factions. Aldermen Barnet and Belcher have declared for Marcus Lambourne, Graeme Porter has joined Alan Monterey and Alderman Barbiter has declared for William Trueman. Jim Bottler is still struggling to keep up, although he does seem to have put down the Englefield challenge and is now forming a base within the construction guilds. However none of the groups seems yet ready to make a push for power and Lady Tasker's nomination as Lord has gone forward unchallenged. A source close to the Monterey ruling group told us ''We are still all working for the good of the City, I’m glad the others have recognised the need for stability''.

The newly emerging factions will face a tough test next month. Rumours persist that the original estimates for the construction of the wall were very low and that dramatic cuts in the recently expanded budgets will be required to pay for it. Even more worrying the Masons and Carpenters seem to be gearing up to complete the wall in one year a scale of undertaking which would require a devastating tax levy on the citizenry.

Following on from what appears to have been an embarrassing confusion between the Monterey and Lambourne factions last month, Jenny Davy has been assigned to the Law and Order committee by the decree of Lady Tasker with her vacated place as Chair of Trade being taken by Samuel Rucche. All the involved parties have been at pains to play the move down as something requested by Alderman Davy however a number of Councillors have raised severe misgivings. Cllr Joanna Russell described the event as "An outrageous imposition which totally undermines the democratic principles upon which this Witanmoot was founded".