The Chronicle

of the month of Galemir in the year 148

The Witanmoot Guard have been called out several times this month to suppress street protests following Lord Dixon's latest decree:

''The Solistel and Babel inhabitants of our city have given and will continue to give their utmost to help in the defence of this city. In recognition of this, She'pan Meduenin and Vulgarian Dingol, and their descendants in perpetuity will be treated, for all purposes connected with the governance of the city of Linrodeth, as if they were guildmembers. In particular, they will:''

“Attend call ups of the marching watch

“Be permitted to seek refuge within the city walls in times of siege.

“Be permitted to buy and own property, with all associated rights, within the city walls.

''This decree does not remove any rights, privileges or duties from any existing guildmembers or citizens of Linrodeth, in particular the guild rights and duties with regard to quality of merchandise remain in place and intact."'

This announcement of the elevation of brown and yellow scaly river scum to the status of Guildmen triggered widespread anger, and incensed some citizens so far that they forgot about the martial law still in place. Members of the Guard practised their now infamous cudgel charge, and scores of bloodied residents sought treatment at the Torian infirmary. One anonymous protester commented, "he's gone too far this time, I reckon. Good job that the King's army is due here soon; Dixon'll be swinging for treason soon enough."

Other events in the Witanmoot received less attention, but another crisis was narrowly averted when the controversial Avery amendment was voted down. The motion, banning orthodox Hahnites from assisting the city in its own courts of law, was eventually defeated by just 78 votes to 68. Many councillors abstained, stating that this was a matter of conscience for believers in that faith. Others decided that regulations on who the council employed was indeed a civic matter and that Cllr Avery should look elsewhere for opportunities to needle the new Archimandrite. Finally, the Court of Common Council moved on to the new committee appointments. The voting for the posts was:

Treasury: Warin 109 votes Barnett 37 votes

Welfare & Education: Beaureli 70 votes Andrews 41 votes Capel 35 votes Horl 5 votes

Eresan: Bergeren 105 votes Dunn 35 votes

The ex-Treasurer Emily Martel was voted as the Emissary to Cascorach nem com.

The city orphanage returned to normal this month once Gax received assurances from the new Chairman of Welfare and Education. Alderman Beaureli has confirmed that the orphanage will in future admit street urchins to its care. To this end he has already installed many of the orphans who took part in the occupation last month, tripling the number of residents and creating instant overcrowding. Sheriff Ann Tasker is widely tipped to be re-married next month, assuming that she and her intended, Alderman Alan Monterey, can fit the time into their busy schedules. Our intrepid reporter asked for the Sheriff's comments on this rumour, and received only "balderdash" by way of reply. This appears to be something of a bluff, since we can confirm that catering arrangements have already been finalised.

A more passionate affair seems to be taking place in the 'Dancing Bear' this month where George Cuth Williams, the retired mercenary captain, has recently acquired a mistress old enough to be his grand- daughter. Several steamy scenes have caused near riot in the veterans gallery, and the proprietor Erik Wyvernsfield has threatened to throw buckets of cold water over the pair unless they remain moderately respectable.