The Chronicle

of the month of Galemir in the year 145

Speculation is growing as to who will win the Lordship election at Springtide. Despite the pitifully small size of his personal support, Matthew Dixon's long cultivation of the other faction leaders appears to be paying dividends, with a general view forming at the Witanmoot that he will be the next Lord. One highly placed source told the Chronicle "Perignon seams to have upset the powerful Drumm faction which was expected to support her, so that's her chances blown." If this proves to be true and Drumm has switched sides it should mean Dixon will win with a landslide. However Beatrice is never to be underestimated and very few people have come fully off the fence. Interestingly, the time of the election has been moved forward to the early morning to enable the Aldermen involved to get ready for Lady Cox's wedding in the evening. This should mean much late night activity as the final votes are firmed up.

The committee elections proved nearly as farcical as the nominations, with many Aldermen apparently making up their minds at the last minute, and lots of cries of "but you promised to vote for..." resounding around the chamber. Whilst Ann Tasker had a clear victory in the Law and Order election, the Shipping vote turned into a messy three way split, with Eliott Anderson just winning through. Perhaps because so many of the main committees had already been sewn up, the normally simple elections for the emissaries were also hard fought. Robert Beaureli cleanly won the Salvoyn vote, and promptly caused uproar by leaving the Avery grouping (which had just voted for him) to join Beatrice Perignon's faction. For Cascorach, Susan Faithside just beat Miranda Andrews. The Eresan vote was tied. After a tense delay, a messenger returned from the Citadel and announced that Lady Cox would use her casting vote to elect George Rimon. After this excitement, the victory of Alan Carter in the Nyskilde election (in another three way split) was something of an anti climax. The final outcome of the elections has left the newer factions in a strong position with the previously powerful Dixon, Perignon and Derwent factions being overtaken by the Monterey and Avery groupings and the increasingly influential Larken Drum.

Concern is growing over the food situation in the City. Problems continue to be experienced by the Fruiterers, and now the Cornmongers have started rationing supplies so that only bread can be produced. This has lead to protests from the Pastriers who claim it will ruin their business. Once again Alan Monterey has been the only councillor actively pursuing a solution to the problem. Whist others have been indulging in pointless debates and fretting over committee elections, Alan has organised the release of the remaining vegetable stocks. His hard work has been repaid with yet another Alderman joining his faction. Emily Martel told the Chronicle. "I've thought very carefully about which grouping to support, and it seemed to me that Alan is the only person combining radical action with careful management of the city's future."

However all is not well for Monterey. Opposition appears to be growing to the recent cesspits motion which he pushed through council. The motion, which requires all cesspits to be lined with stone, has lead to protests from around the city. Alderman Hubold has taken up the case of the protesters. "It's aright for the Witanmoot to make these worthy motions, but they don't understand that most people can't afford to line their pits with stone. I've told my watch not to bother enforcing the regulation. After all what are we going to do? Tell people to fill their pits in and use the street instead? If the council wants stone that badly they can pay for it".

Preparations for the Wedding of Lady Samantha Cox continues to take place. The event is generating much rivalry amongst the guilds as people jockey for the privilege of supplying the wedding. Sheriff Beatrice Perignon has struck a major coup by gaining the contract to supply the catering. This is a surprise appointment given that the Lordship election will be taking place on the same day. Rumours that some of the Vintners most hallowed supplies are to be opened up have further fuelled competition for invitations.