The Chronicle

of the month of Galemir in the year 142

The Chroniclers are pleased to announce that the following officers have been elected unopposed:

Chair for Shipping Olivia Warin

Chair for Welfare & Education Beatrice Perignon

Emissary to Eresan Marc Bergeren

Nominations have been received for the following posts:

Chair for the Treasury George Rimon (OD) Kennet Maxil (BP)

Chair for Trade Nicholas Bowden (MD) Miranda Andrews (OD)

Chair for Law & Order Alison Shefford (MM) Duncan Barnett (AD)

Chair for Lands & Agriculture Nicholas Bowden (subject to Trade) Jemma Downe (AD)

Emissary to Nyskilde John Madigan (HT) Arianne Pencric (AA)

Letters in brackets indicate the nominating faction. The posts of Emissaries to Salvoyn, and to Cascorach did not receive any nominations (councillors obviously take no notice of their own resolutions), and so will be the direct appointment of the Lord of the City.

The surprise move of the new council session appears to be Beatrice Perignon's sudden progress, having managed to get many of her supporters returned unopposed while blocking some of Olnorth Dexter's moves. She appears to have gained the active support of Cllr Matthew Dixon, and this surprise alliance of two established factions is thought to have profound consequences for the balance of the Witanmoot. The nominations were followed up by the surprise recruitment of Nicholas Worton into Perignon's faction, away from Olnorth Dexter, in a move strongly reminiscent of Beatrice's earlier demolition of his faction by the timely removal of Lilith Lansdowne.

Followers of the Witanmoot's informal duelling league have been awaiting with interest the outcome of Aralan Derwent's latest duel after a prolonged period in the Torian infirmary. A fair amount of money changed hands over Mary Clifford ability to pull a surprise victory in what would normally have been easy challenge for Cllr Derwent. The morning of the duel dawned bright and clear, but with a bitterly cold wind which kept temperatures below freezing and deterred all but three onlookers. Cllr Derwent arrived early with an impressive entourage consisting of her second, a senior Torian Physickian and a number of Torian acolytes as assistants. This caused some surprise as it was not thought that Aralan had been that ill. Indeed Aralan proceeded to go through a number of warm up exercises and looked to be in nearly top form. The sun continued to climb higher into the sky (without any noticeable change in the temperature) and the aggrieved party had still not appeared. Eventually, when even the Physickian began to look impatient, a messenger from the Clifford household slipped through the city gates and delivered a note to Cllr Derwent. The exact contents are not known, but the gist appeared to be that after a prolonged and intense discussion with Matthew Dixon, Alderman Clifford had been persuaded that she had been a little precipitate. She now accepted that Aralan had acted entirely for the good of the city and so, after due consideration, she was prepared to accept Aralan's apologies. Cllr Derwent was then seen to retire, muttering, to the Empty Barrel in Welland, where she was joined by a number of Witanmoot Guards for what should have been a victory drink. Unhappily, the earlier exertion seems to have triggered a relapse in the councillor, and by lunchtime she once again had to be rushed to the Torian infirmary.