The Chronicle

of the month of Galemir in the year 141

Bleak winds off the icy marshes made the civic funeral for Baldwin Underwood an uncomfortable occasion, but nonetheless a large crowd gathered to pay respects to the late alderman. After Lord Courtney's address several other colleagues were moved to speak, including Sheriff Cox, who had worked closely with Baldwin Underwood during the Castlemaine incident, and the new Alderman Mary Clifford, who was at pains to emphasis that Underwood was in good mental, physical and fiscal health at the time of his death. The pyre was lit by his widow Molly.

Immediately after the cremation the new chair for Law & Order, Malcolm Mowbray, announced an official wide-ranging investigation into the affairs of the aldermen and the Aldermanic Court, although he maintains that this is not a direct result of Underwood's mysterious death. Several other leading councillors have also begun investigations into each others affairs. The most interesting of these is Olnorth Dexter's investigation of the Perignon family, which is fuelling the dockside rumours that Cllr Beatrice was seen with Underwood shortly before his death.

The Chroniclers are pleased to announce the following election results:

Trade: Miranda Andrews, 19 votes Ann Tasker 4 votes

Shipping: Olivia Warin, 16 votes Gibian Horl 7 votes

Law/Order: Malcolm Mowbray 20 votes, Ariane Pencric 3 votes

Eresan: Bert Belcher 20 votes, Olivia Warin 3 votes

So again the Justice League achieves a clean sweep. Shortly after the elections, the Wardmoot of Dowgate announced that Mary Clifford had become the new alderman for the ward in an uncontested election.

In a short announcement, Lord Courtney made the unexpected appointment of Cllr Matthew Dixon as the envoy to Nyskilde, a post more usually filled by aldermen. Initial speculation that this was a ploy by the Justice League to remove opposition has been denied by Cllr Dixon himself, who insisted that he was pleased and honoured to be the envoy, and was looking forward to the posting. Punters have now decided that the appointment is in the nature of a subtle insult to the Gemot of Nyskilde, and are looking forward to a new trade war.

Aside from low-life rumours and Olnorth's persistent curiosity, Beatrice Perignon has had a busy month arranging candlelit dinners for young Julia and Ferdinand Lansdowne, while avoiding the stalking spectre of Cllr Dixon. Inevitably, Matthew Dixon eventually cornered her in the Witanmoot and issued a flamboyant challenge to duel, citing her criticism of his musical skills at Septer's banquet as his main grudge. Which only goes to show that in these times of sudden suicides and guild charter reviews, there are still people willing to die for their artistic opinions. Fortunately for music critics everywhere, the duel has been unexpectedly and indefinitely postponed by the appointment of Cllr Dixon to Nyskilde. Shortly thereafter he was escorted to the dock where he boarded the Leviathon, commanded by one Captain Eagleview, to convey an urgent communication to Nyskilde. The ship duly headed out of port into the biting winds, and hopefully we will be hearing of 'Mad Dog' Eagleview later in the year.