The Chronicle

of the month of Arvinoth in the year 155

The combined levies of Eresan and Cascorach have been able to secure at least the outer edges of the reeds and waterways surrounding the city of Salvoyn. This is the first time that the troops have been able to move into the immediate hinterland of the city, and the advance has halted while the army adapts to the unique hazards of the wetlands. This major success with troops controlling such a significant area pays tribute to the military vigour of Duke Faure de Lamonte, and his masterly use of intelligence provided by Viscount Constarlis, a native of the area, who has been placed in protective custody of the armed forces at the siege.

The city guard has launched a major raid on the criminal factions of Cripplegate. Over fifty troops, some of them mounted, descended on an inn which the Witanmoot Investigation Agency has alleged was the headquarters of a major criminal gang. All of the key members of the gang were either killed or taken prisoner. Alderman Ryman has declared himself delighted that "at last the city is taking action". He went on to praise the Witanmoot Investigation Agency for the robust way they were tackling crime and suggested that his political colleagues stop interfering and leave them alone to get on with the job.

Princess Alexis may be somewhere within Linrodeth. Agents of Duke Alexander of Cascorach have been asking questions on the whereabouts of the young, missing princess, and there are rumours circulating on the streets that she has been spotted on more than one occasion. On some occasions the duke himself has taken to questioning witnesses, always with great charm and generosity, clearly playing on his enduring popularity within the city (especially amongst matrons of a certain age). Her Highness Princess Selina has also expressed concern for her niece's safety and is offering a reward of £1000 for anyone who can provide accurate information leading to Princess Alexis' safe return.

Another of Princess Selina's concerns may have been resolved, or at least postponed, with the departure of the Zedigal envoys aboard the trading cog Belos. Neither side was willing to comment on the outcome of the talks, but it was noted that the visiting merchant princes took no advantage of the opportunity to trade with Linrodeth's guildsmen. Meanwhile reports from the navy on blockade duty say that a new port has been established on the main island overlooking the Salvoynian estuary. This will act as a trading base for ships wishing to provide goods for the surrounding army or on the trip between the city states and Linrodeth. Belisle Port is already thriving with a number of prominent Linrodeth merchants already taking warehouses on its rapidly filling dock front.

Within the lately quiet Witanmoot, the faction of Cllr Jessamine Scathlocke continues to grow with Gemma Downe, Bever Edge and Audrey Wirstan all joining her entourage. With a large base of support in the ward of Castle Bard, and an increasing presence in Dracas and Ishtan wards, this group looks poised to break the current impasse in the Witanmoot.

A small trading mission to Nyskilde has returned and reported that, whilst the city is not entirely abandoned, trade that has completely collapsed and the port has been reduced to a fishing settlement. Undeterred by this dismal information, a private fleet is being assembled by a group of nobles within our Principality in order to sail north and claim the land. The Citadel is denying any involvement in the venture, but is clear that this private invasion fleet is loyal to Princess Selina.