The Chronicle

of the month of Arvinoth in the year 151

Linrodeth's army made a triumphant return to the city this month. Bar a few regiments which remain to defend the southern approach, all forces returned to the city for the official celebration. General Olvini rode at the head of a procession which eventually stretched from the Citadel gates all the way back across the city to Oldgate. Along the route the Royal Treasury had paid for elaborate banners and floral arches to decorate their progress. Free beer and welcoming confetti were in plentiful supply, and numerous street entertainers were quick to join in the event. Citizens gave the unscathed army a rousing return, perhaps unsure of the extent of the political victory, but with undoubted relief that a bloody invasion had been avoided. Private celebration continued long into the night. Princess Selina made only a brief appearance at the victory banquet in the Citadel, General Olvini heading the tables and being the guest of honour at the subsequent services of thanksgiving and official receptions by the Goldsmiths and Mercers guilds. Official sources maintain that the Princess, "has no wish to detract from the General's momentous triumph". Sources familiar with city states' intrigue are beginning to speculate on a shift of power within the Citadel, and whether a military coup has taken place.

The Wellkeeper at the Dalethian Temple has reported that a "good" harvest is in progress with crop yields sufficient for the forthcoming year. Her terse summary, which in other years might be the cause for alarm, may well be explained by the care and attention which all the religious leaders have given to the battlefield dead. In a remarkable display of co-operation, the priests of all the Temples have held a number of services for the thousands who died in the armies of King Kieran and King Edward. A special vigil of remembrance was held for the souls of King Edward and the infamous bodyguards of King Kieran, who are said to have perished in an off-battlefield encounter that night. Strangely, no bodies were available for burial.

Cadene ward was disturbed by a fire in Pewter Street last week. A row of four shops had to be pulled down before the fire could be contained. Prompt action by local residents prevented the blaze from becoming a major emergency. Everyone is believed to have escaped from the burned households, and only minor burns and cuts have been reported to the Torian Temple.

Docks along the north bank have been exceptionally busy this month laying keels for the new fleet of merchant warships which have been commissioned by both official and private patrons. A lively renewal of interest in Linrodeth's naval expertise has been further excited by news that the Citadel is offering Letters of Marque for sale. £50 will buy merchant adventurers the right to harass and pursue Her Highness' enemies on the high seas, so long as the booty is bought back to the home port of Linrodeth for trade.

The Witanmoot has been blessedly quiet this month as factions within the council re-organise themselves in the wake of General Olvini's triumph. A notable exception being Cllr Marcus Lambourne who created a storm by going against the trend of congratulating Lady Andrews and the Sheriffs on the successful outcome of the battle. Whilst Aldermen Jim Bottler and William Trueman were praising the army, Cllr Lambourne launched into a direct attack on the conduct of the battle "Lady Andrews last month showed callous disregard for the way our taxes are spent and we have all seen the outcome. But a short time ago Ravensgrim and his band of cut-throats wreaked havoc in many of our wards, raping our womenfolk and murdering innocent children in cold blood. And Lady Andrews is now ultimately responsible for paying him for that privilege, with our hard earned money. If she had one ounce of compassion for the families of those affected by this creature's depredations she would resign her office forthwith. And, if this were not sufficient, she presumably condones the decision to let the remainder of the heretic Reshite murderers skulk away from the field of battle." Lady Andrews described Cllr Lambourne's comments as "disgraceful and deeply offensive". Sheriff Bowden went further and has accused Cllr Lambourne of Misconduct and has instructed that a Hearing take place next month into Cllr Lambourne's behaviour.

Alderman Monterey has been loudly scathing about the complete and utter absence of any committee budgets this month. Alderman Cutario and other members of his faction who are due to submit these, are clearly suffering from over-partying. Not much is expected of an entire faction which is currently wincing at bright lights and loud noises. Speculation that the Chairs have only escaped the attentions of the Citadel's team of crack auditors because of generous donations of vintage wine has been officially denied by a Citadel spokeswoman. Albeit groggily.

Alderman Jim Bottler has stunned the Witanmoot with the audacious proposal that "The Court of Common Council calls upon the Lord of the city, and requests of Princess Selina, to lift the exile on all those who were exiled for their loyalty to High King Kieran." The motion will be voted upon next month. Later, the first signs of a new agenda appeared with Alan Monterey's suggestion that trade envoys be sent to Eresan and Cascorach. There were also rumours about also sending an envoy to Linrodeth's most important trade neighbour, Salvoyn, now the cities are officially at peace.

Fallout continues from last month's debate of Sheriff Bowden's loyalty motion. Cllr Lambourne is clearly determined to draw attention to his Alderman's comment that described the preservation of the city as more important than the preservation of democracy. Speaking in the Witanmoot Cllr Lambourne commented, "We should be grateful to Trueman for nailing his colours to the mast well in advance of the next election. His concern for the preservation of the city is laudable, but his remarks constitute the thin end of the wedge and clearly set the tone for the remainder of Lady Andrew's tenure as Lord. Let us hope that that tenure is short-lived. Alderman Trueman does not believe in democracy and thus forfeits any right he may have had to the people's trust. Last month a narrow victory for democracy was won in this house. Let the defeat of Sheriff Bowden's motion stand as a shining testimonial to all those brave souls who believe that the people of this city have the right to determine their own individual destinies". The Chroniclers note with interest that the good councillor continues to concentrate attacks on his own ward Alderman, despite the far more extreme position taken by Alderman Cutario and his followers in the debate.