The Chronicle

of the month of Arvinoth in the year 147

A state funeral service for King Edmund Caralingas was held last month on the Tourney Fields outside the city. This sombre occasion drew in many thousands of people from the countryside, as well as the citizens of Linrodeth. It was perhaps fortunate that the summer heat had extended the dry fields to accommodate the immense crowd. The service was preceded by a solemn and silent procession of the Witanmoot and Guilds along Wheathill to Newgate, where it joined the courtiers and regiments from the Citadel moving out to the fields. After prayers from all the recognised religions, both great and small, tributes to the King's life and memory were paid by the many attending noblemen, albeit these were only heard by the nearest sections of the vast crowd. Sir Salverian started a symbolic pyre to conclude the service, and after a minute's silence led the return to the city. Many people in the crowd remained, queuing to give their own personal offering into the pyre. These lesser tributes kept the fire burning for another day and night. The city now rests in an eerie quiet while its citizens await the next actions of the great and the good.

A picture of events in Nyskilde has been provided by Lady Petronella Sackville, Colonel of the Queens Infantry. Lady Sackville took time to brief the Witanmoot on events following her receipt of reports from the North. There appears to have been little warning of the impending tragedy with the unsuspecting King Edmund seemingly pleased with his son Kieran's appointment as Prince of Tark. However there were subtle signs that Kieran wanted more, and it may be that King Edmund was making the appointment in an attempt to appease his ambitious son. Matters came to a head at the ceremony in which Kieran was to be crowned Prince of Tark. Kieran, surrounded by a bodyguard of knights, entered the hall dressed in the livery of a King. As His Majesty rose to protest, he was shot down by rangers positioned in the balcony by Kieran. Loyal knights and archers immediately attacked Prince Kieran and the traitorous rangers, but the ambush was too well laid. The King, Queen Emma, Lords Dubhainn, Grenville and Niceilin of Tark, Arnor Samhach, Plenipotentiary of Nyskilde, Princess Kira Karsbaek of the Noord and many others were all slain within minutes.

Merchants fleeing riots in Nyskilde after the King's assassination have spoken of lynchings and other atrocities inflicted on traders visiting for the Dragonfeast celebrations. Many families fled the city for safety and are returning south with dire warnings. Reports from Linrodeth's own contestants returning home provide a most disturbing and chaotic picture. Their tales confirm reports of riots in Nyskilde, and an attack by the rangers on a barracks outside the Castle. However stories are now circulating that Prince Kieran was also an intended victim of the attack on the Royal Court by unknown assassins allegedly working for forces based in Salvoyn. These third hand rumours appear to say the Prince Kieran officially became, or was to become, the Crown Prince and named heir to the kingdom shortly before the assassinations. These amazing rumours do, of course, contradict the verified statements emanating from both the Citadel and the Hahnite Temple.

After extensive consultation at the Citadel, Lord Dixon has issued the following emergency decrees:

A third of the Marching Watch (in rotation) is to be called to training every Tenthday.

Lady Cox has been appointed special emissary for the city and will be touring the Duchy in the coming two months.

Alison Shefford is to be appointed as a third Sheriff until Midsummer 148.

Further measures will undoubtedly follow. The Chroniclers have already heard news that a clandestine committee is being formed to implement Lord Dixon's less popular measures. The usual candidates are being rounded up, and blame will no doubt be apportioned appropriately. Lord Dixon, meanwhile, is being summoned to the Citadel on a regular basis. This appears to be playing havoc with a long list of vital interviews which he is attempting to complete before Harvestide. The election for the Aldermanship of Berewic took place in a subdued atmosphere of campaigning, mostly due to the period of mourning observed at the Witanmoot, and partly because of the unreal atmosphere caused by the continued absence of Sheriff Aralan Derwent. At the count in the Court of Common Council, voting went 179 to the popular campaigner and one-time alderman Mary Hastings, while newcomer Abigail Chastelaine picked up 85 votes. Hastings thus becomes the new Alderman for the Ward of Berewic.

During the same sitting of the council, the annual lottery took place for a Private Member's Bill. This will be a particularly interesting opportunity to direct next year's budget, given recent events. The winner turned out to be a minor member of Hywel Duthon's personal faction, and the Chroniclers look forward to hearing which radical cause he intends to champion. The outline Bill will be submitted to Council next month, Lorinfall, and amendments can be proposed during Kryll.

Erik Dragonsbane, the proprietor of the Dancing Bear, has announced a series of talks at the inn entitled "Civil War, And How To Survive It", in which veterans of the last civil war will describe their experiences. Tickets are 1s each and include a meal and drinks. Cllr Tiliniel Falgar has expressed outrage at this "crass exploitation of the king's death", however Eric responded that he was merely "providing an important and obviously popular public service".

Gax the Heretic has made one of his most outspoken speeches ever. Following an interview with Lord Dixon, Gax leapt onto the Mootstone and delivered a scathing attack upon the current overlord and the entire Witanmoot. The cause of Gax's ire seems to be a proposal to demolish his orphanage 'in the interests of security', however Gax's attack was wide ranging and at times incomprehensible. Choice phrases from the speech include, "The Witanmoot has already become disenfranchised, with its democratic structure destroyed through the wanton employment of decrees. This war is being used to justify disregarding the will of the people entirely", or the even more obscure, "now is the time for the people of Linrodeth to throw off the chains of the Guild structure and break down the doors of this self-perpetuating oligarchy."

Cllr Adam Avery has been making himself popular in his ward of Portsoken through a sustained campaign to ensure that the proposed new wall will not completely stop trade. So successful has his lobbying been that rumour places all three new gates in Portsoken, and none at all in Ishtan, to that ward's increasing consternation. Not content with this success Avery has been actively distributing alms to the poor fisherfolk in his area and lobbying hard for Mary Hastings' election as Alderman of Berewic. Although his enthusiastic late night celebration of her victory may have been unwise.

Alderman Bernard Hubold has renewed his call for the instigation of a professional ward watch. Describing attempts by Alan Monterey to train the Levestone Watch as "pathetic", he reminded people that he had been prevented from building up a skilled and full time watch in his own ward. "What this city needs now is a permanent and effective law and order force based on skilled and trained staff. The idea that somehow the local citizens are going to be able to tackle a civil war on a half hour's extra training would be laughable were the consequences not so grave".

Alan Monterey and William Trueman have both appointed assistants this month in a move which will worry other factions in the run up to the Midwinter elections. Both were at pains to point out that they were merely responding to the additional workload generated by the current crisis. However, not everyone is convinced and Richenda Sylvanus has responded by dropping everything to concentrate on campaigning within her own ward. Miss Jean Marsden, responding on behalf of Alderman Monterey commented, "I look forward to working with Alan to take forward his new and radical agenda. In these difficult times it will be a privilege to work for someone who capable of leading the city out of this crisis".

Rumours abound of incompetence within the Apothecaries Guild after a dangerous mix up of a Citadel order. Lady Beatrice Perignon took the time to comment on the rumours announcing, somewhat cautiously, that "Whilst I cannot comment on the truth of these accusations it seems clear to me that David Northropp’s proposal for better auditing of the Apothecaries was a well timed and much needed idea." An official denial has already been issued by Marcus Lambourne on behalf of the guild.