The Chronicle

of the month of Arvinoth in the year 141

In his first act as Sheriff, Alan Griffiths has placed Cllr Armundus Septer under house arrest, pending a trial to take place next month. Sheriff Griffiths was at pains throughout the hearing to show impartiality, and after careful consideration he decided that sufficient evidence had been presented by Alderman Mowbray and Cllr Perignon for a full trial to be held. Many citizens will remember that Armundus is no stranger to such events, in Galemir of last year he faced a trial on charges of sedition which were brought by the same people. Indeed the similarity of the events has led Ariane Pencric to accuse Alderman Mowbray of "hounding a disabled old man to his death", and she has challenged him to a duel.

The election of the new Alderman of Dracas has produced a surprise result. Nearly everyone had assumed that Olnorth Dexter would easily win the contest, however Philip Portman was elected with 121 votes to Dexter's 99, and Sharon Berhon trailing at 50 votes. Philip ascribed his success to the support of Cllr Perignon whose large faction swamped the combined efforts of the Justice League. Two people noticeably absent from the vote were Sheriff Cox and Alderman Mowbray. Alderman Mowbray later denied rumours of a split; "We were simply far too busy working on the Septer case" he claimed.

His Majesty the King has announced that Prince Kieran is to lead a detachment of the Kings Rangers to the Gravelkinden, which has recently been suffering from serious banditry. The Chronicle notes that this appointment strengthens Prince Kieran's involvement with the Rangers, and give credence to the rumours that he will be given formal command on them come his Eighteenth birthday next Skelern.

A major dispute seems to be brewing between the Carpenters Guild and the Thatchers Guild. The Carpenters have accused the Thatchers of wildly inflating the prices they are charging when working for the Carpenters Guild. When the Chronicle asked Guildmaster Marc 'the Thatcher' Bergeren for a comment on the dispute, he told us, "The Carpenters have treated the thatchers as slave labour for years. Now that His Majesty has granted us a guild charter we are merely redressing the balance. In my opinion the bastards deserve everything they get." Lord Courtney has demanded that Marc withdraw these statements against his guild, however the Thatchers are remaining defiant.

Plans for the relocation of the Floating Market seem to be progressing slowly, Cllr Duncan Barnett has been expressing his support for the scheme, as a means of eliminating the competition the market presents to the Guilds of Linrodeth. However although everyone seems to support the idea, few constructive suggestions have come forward on how it should be achieved. Cllr Buggs Moran of Dowgate has proposed one novel solution, " We set fire to this end of it and see how fast it moves".

Amid much pomp, Plenipotentiary Belleme has left for the Dukedom of Cascorach. He will be accompanied by Sir Menzies, the Archimandrite's personal envoy, and a full company of the Knights Templar, led by Sir Magnus. The Temple has been unwilling to comment on the reason for all this military might, however they have denied rumours that it is there to protect Edward from the attentions of the Lady Caroline.