The Chronicle

of the month of Arvinoth in the year 140

Lord Paston Courtney is pleased to announce a general amnesty in celebration of the marriage of Her Highness the Princess Eleanor to Duke Alexander Calverin of Cascorach. The chroniclers note that the most important beneficiary of this amnesty is one Beatrice Perignon (it came a little late for Ellis Devon), who was exiled last Menderal for misuse of funds. One of the first people to welcome the announcement was Cllr Mary Clifford, who praised Lord Courtney's generosity and announced her intention to support Ms Perignon's faction in the Witanmoot.

The old man of the moot, Armundus Septer, has been rushed to the Torian infirmary after suffering a dramatic seizure during a debate in the court of common council. Reports from the temple indicate that the venerable scrivener is very ill. Reports from Portsoken ward indicate that the sweating fever has been contained in that area. However, two new outbreaks have been reported in the Faringdon and Cripplegate wards. In an effort to speed up the exodus of visitors from the city, Gibian Horl, the Chair of Shipping, has arranged for extra passenger ships to ferry people down the coast, two of these have been loaned from the royal fleet.

The Welland by-election has been won by Carl Marcs, although by a much smaller margin than had been expected. It would appear that the residents of 'south Welland' turned out en mass to support Cllr Howe. Only feverish late afternoon campaigning by Carl's supporters seems to have saved him (and Alderman Isenbard) from an embarrassing defeat. Cllr Marcs' celebrations have been somewhat dampened by the intervention of young Roland Dixon, who took the opportunity of Cllr Marcs swearing-in to point out that he had been avoiding a duel for some time. The next morning the two met and, despite a valiant and skilled display from Cllr Marc, young Roland soundly defeated him. Many observers are now describing him as one of the most stylish duellists they have seen for some time, and it would seem that his uncle may have some serious competition.

More outbreaks of the sweating fever have been reported in Levestone, Cadene and Bassishaw. Lord Courtney has cancelled the debate on the economy and has been holding emergency meetings with the Knight-Marshall and the Torians.

It would appear that Olnorth Dexter's personal relationships have undergone yet another reversal. Lady Elspeth has become enamoured of a young courtier and has left the city to travel to Cascorach with the Princess' entourage, taking her lover with her. Cllr Dexter has returned his attentions to Alderman Andrews, who appears to be much happier nowadays.


The sweating plague has broken out across the city and the Knight Marshall has dissolved the Witanmoot and declared martial law. The Torians are no longer answering calls for help and have just closed the Temple precincts to the public. Troops out on the highways are preventing any further people from leaving the city. Citizens are instructed to stay indoors and to despite any dead onto the road at dusk. Anyone breaking curfew will be shot.