The Chronicle

of the month of Arvinoth in the year 138

A major row is brewing between the wards of Welland and Shambles. The residents of Shambles living South of the Kingsway have suggested that they ought to be included in the Welland ward. Their leader, Della Sarth, explained further, "We in the south Kingsway area do most of our business with residents of Welland and have far more in common with them than with the butchers of Shambles. The Kingsway is a natural boundary and its high time this anomaly was sorted out." Alderman Belcher of Shambles commented that he had "little time for the manoeuvrings of the Welland council" and saw no need for change.

The Lord Raphael Fitz-Simmon's plans for electoral reform have been accepted by the Council in an almost uncontested debate. It would seem that nobody wanted to speak against what is a sensible and worthwhile reform.

The Carpenters Guild have announced that Pendentite Antonius Cyan-Dorius of the Temple of Hahn will formally contest the right of the Thatchers to form a Guild. The case will come before the Courts next month. A rather smug Mark Bergeren announced that Gax the Heretic will be acting on the thatchers behalf. It would seem that the Hahnites top lawyer is in for a rough time.

Dear Sirs,

It has come to my notice that your esteemed publication has been casting dispersions (sic) about the power of prophecy and astrology. May I point out the portent revealed by both last year's Midsummer Festival (where bad weather stopped play) and the "demented soothsayer" (reported last Ternost) has, of course, rung true. The bad weather on Midsummer day predicts, as is well known, usually precedes famine or plague, but last year this was affected by the multiple conjunction of Adamasto with both Letophoro and Senemora and thus preceded the large number of violent deaths during the last year (see the Chronicles for the months of Setheran, Lorinfall, Kryll, Kruthos, Skelern, Pipetal and Jasmarill). The "demented soothsayer" predicted "floods, storms and vile death". As is, I'm sure, well remembered by readers of this esteemed publication, last year's storms and floods were the worst in living memory and the plague now inflicting Marshgate fulfils the last part of the prophecy. Finally, had the Temple of Hahn contacted me before starting rebuilding of their new law school, I could have told them to delay work for six months rather than suffer the wrath of the conjunction of Letophoro with Alderoth.

Goodgulf Astrologer Royal

The ward of Marshgate has now been declared 'safe' by the priests of the Temple of Torus.