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Agency Statistics for 1972

Budget column does NOT include any budget collected that would be collected in 1973.

NamePlanned LaunchesSuccessful missionsScrubbed MissionsAstronauts in roster/hiredTotal BudgetCost of Launch Facility Repairs
Totals95 (1 Launch carried 3 Satellites, 1 Launch carried 2 Satellites, 1 Launch carried 2 capsules)272434/64$7,326,000,000$95,000,000
SARSA19 (1 Launch carried 3 Satellites, 1 Launch carried 2 Satellites)747/13$1,633,000,000$15,000,000
Smaug Inc.235106/18$1,369,000,000-

Mission Completions (as of 1972)

Mission TypeFirst Agency to completeSecond Agency to completeThird Agency to complete
Orbital SatelliteSARSA in 1957Smaug Inc. in 1960ASA in 1964
Manned Space MissionASA in 1960Smaug Inc in 1962SARSA in 1866
Manned OrbitalASA in 1960Smaug Inc in 1962SARSA in 1966
Manned Docking
Space WalkSARSA in 1966GOSsiP in 1969
International Docking
Two-Person Craft(No Bonus)(No Bonus)(No Bonus)
Three-Person CraftASA in 1960Smaug Inc in 1962SARSA in 1966
Four-Person Craft
Re-usable Shuttle
International Crew
Lunar Fly-bySARSA in 1962Smaug Inc in 1964SHADO in 1965
Mars Fly-bySARSA in 1965SHADO in 1966
Venus Fly-bySARSA in 1963SHADO in 1965
Manned Lunar PassASA in 1965GOSsiP in 1970(*) See Note
Manned Lunar OrbitGOSsiP in 1971
Lunar Probe LandingSARSA in 1964Smaug Inc in 1966GOSsiP in 1971

No bonus award for first or second completion of a manned mission using a two person craft as both ASA and Smaug Inc. completed manned missions using a three person craft before any one else launched a two person craft.

(*) While the third nation bonus for a Manned Lunar Pass is still available, SARSA has completed a lunar pass with monkeys as the crew. This does count as a manned lunar pass for the purposes of avoiding the -3% safety factor for skipping required missions.

Mission History (as of 31st December 1972)

DateAgencyMissionResult/StatusBudget EffectNotes
12 Dec 1957SARSAOrbital SatelliteSuccess+16
13 Dec 1957SHADOOrbital SatelliteCatastrophic Failure-10Repair Cost of 15m
15 Dec 1958GOSsiPOrbital SatelliteCatastrophic Failure-10Repair Cost of 25m
10 Dec 1959SHADOOrbital SatelliteCatastrophic Failure-10Repair Cost of 25m
20 Dec 1959SARSAOrbital SatelliteFailure-62-3 for the failure, budget then halved as the government ordered mission failed.
10 Oct 1960GOSsiPLunar Fly-by and Mars Fly-byFailure-6
15 Dec 1960ASAManned Orbital by Steve Zodiac, Ken Ross & Dr. VenusSuccess+60
20 Dec 1960Smaug Inc.Orbital SatelliteSuccess+10
1 Dec 1961GOSsiPOrbital SatelliteFailure-3
15 Dec 1961Smaug Inc.Orbital SatelliteSuccess+2
31 Dec 1961Smaug Inc.Manned Orbital by Anna Rivetti, Ben Mezera and Caroline FreburgFailure-10
10 Dec 1962SARSALunar Fly-bySuccess+6
10 Dec 1962SARSAMars Fly-byFailure-3
10 Dec 1962SARSAVenus Fly-bySuccess+8
15 Dec 1962SHADOOrbital SatelliteFailure-3
20 Dec 1962Smaug Inc.Manned Orbital by Anna Rivetti, Ben Mezera and Caroline FreburgSuccess+32
23 Dec 1962Smaug Inc.Scrubbed-3
6 Dec 1963GOSsiPLunar Fly-byFailure-3
18 Dec 1963SHADOLunar Fly-byFailure-3
27 Dec 1963Smaug Inc.Manned Orbital by Lawrence Fields, Eric Zevery, Frederick HagiwaraCatastrophic Failure-10Heat shield failed during re-entry
29 Dec 1963Smaug Inc.Scrubbed-3
6 Dec 1964GOSsiPScrubbed-3
10 Dec 1964SHADOVenus Fly-bySuccess+6
15 Dec 1964SARSALunar Probe LandingSuccess+20
15 Dec 1864SARSAMars Fly-bySuccess+8
20 Dec 1964Smaug Inc.Lunar Fly-bySuccess+4
22 Dec 1964Smaug Inc.Scrubbed-3
29 Dec 1964ASAOrbital SatelliteSuccess+6
10 August 1965SHADOLunar and Mars Fly-bySuccess flying by the moon, Failed to reach Mars+3, -3
12 August 1965SHADOMars and Venus Fly-bySuccess flying by Mars, Success flying by Venus+6, +2
5 Dec 1965GOSsiPLunar Probe LandingFailure-3
18 Dec 1965ASALunar Fly-bySuccess+2
27 Dec 1965SARSAMonkey Manned Lunar PassSuccess+5
31 Dec 1965ASAManned Lunar Pass by Colonel Steve Zodiac, Captain Ken Ross, Jock CampbellSuccess+19
15 Nov 1966SHADOLunar and Venus Fly-bySuccess flying by the moon, Failed to fly-by Venus+2, -3
5 Dec 1966GOSsiPScrubbed-3
10 Dec 1966Smaug Inc.Success+12
11 Dec 1966Smaug Inc.Scrubbed-3
12 Dec 1966Smaug Inc.Scrubbed-3
17 Dec 1966SHADOLunar Probe LandingFailure-6
23 Dec 1966SARSAManned Orbital and EVA by William Baxter,Thomas Mills and Wei Engel
28 Dec 1966ASALunar Probe LandingFailure-6
5 Dec 1967GOSsiPUnmanned Sub OrbitalSuccess0
10 Dec 1967Smaug IncLunar Probe Lander (+Docking Module into Earth Orbit)Success+4
11 Dec 1967Smaug IncManned Orbital and EVACatastrophic Failure-10Failed to make Earth Orbit; Heat Shield failed on re-entry due to tumbling craft
12 Dec 1967Smaug IncScrubbed-3
15 Dec 1967SARSAManned Lunar PassCatastrophic Failure-10Failed Earth Orbital Mission Burn on return from the moon; Heat Shield failed during re-entry
17 Dec 1967SARSAScrubbed-3
21 Dec 1967ASAManned Lunar PassCatastrophic Failure-10Capsule sank during recovery.
7 Nov 1968SHADOLunar Probe LandingFailed-3
5 Dec 1968SHADOMars and Venus Fly-bySuccess+2 for Mars, +2 for Venus
11 Dec 1968GOSsiPManned OrbitalFailed-3Failed to achieve earth orbit; Reentered and Recovered safely
15 Dec 1968Smaug IncScrubbed-3
17 Dec 1968Smaug IncScrubbed-3
20 Dec 1968SARSAScrubbed-3
23 Dec 1968SARSAScrubbed-3
27 Dec 1968ASALunar Probe LandingFailed-3Exploded during ascent
29 Dec 1968ASAScrubbed-3
31 Dec 1968ASAScrubbed-3
5 Dec 1969SARSALunar Probe LandingFailed-6
10 Dec 1969SHADOManned OrbitalSuccess+2
14 Dec 1969GOSsiPManned Orbital and EVASuccess+11
21 Dec 1969ASAManned Lunar PassCatastrophic Failure-10Major fire during earth mission burn
23 Dec 1969ASAManned Lunar OrbitFailed-10Permanent communications failure in lunar orbit. Crew returned safely.
27 Dec 1969ASALunar Probe LanderFailed-6Couldn't find a safe landing spot
5 Dec 1970SHADOLunar Probe LanderFailed-6Crashed on Lunar Surface
11 Dec 1970Smaug IncDocking Module plus 2xManned Orbital and DockingFailed-10 and 0Craft 1 burnt up on Re-entry. Craft 2 failed to power on Docking Module
14 Dec 1970Smaug IncScrubbed-3
17 Dec 1970Smaug IncScrubbed-3
26 Dec 1970GOSsiPManned Orbital and EVAEVA Scrubbed0Suit venting detected before leaving craft
29 Dec 1970GOSsiPManned OrbitalScrubbed while in earth orbit-1Systems problem escalated and rest of mission scrubbed
31 Dec 1970GOSsiPManned Lunar PassSuccess+7
5 Dec 1971SHADOManned Lunar OrbitCatastrophic Failure-10Explosion during ascent
12 Dec 1971SARSAManned Lunar OrbitFailed-3
Earth Mission Burn failure mission scrubbed at that point
14 Dec 1971SARSAManned Orbital and DockingCatastrophic Failure-10Explosion during ascent
16 Dec 1971SARSAScrubbed-3
20 Dec 1971ASALunar Probe LanderFailed-6Just failed to locate a landing site
22 Dec 1971ASAScrubbed-3
24 Dec 1971ASAManned Lunar OrbitFailed-10Engine Burn Failure in Earth Orbit. Returned to Earth Safely
29 Dec 1971GOSsiPManned Lunar OrbitSuccess+30
31 Dec 1971GOSsiPLunar Probe LandingSuccess+8
5 Dec 1972SHADOScrubbed-3
10 Dec 1972SARSAScrubbed-3
12 Dec 1972SARSAScrubbed-3
16 Dec 1972ASAScrubbed-3
18 Dec 1972ASAScrubbed-3
20 Dec 1972ASAScrubbed-3
26 Dec 1972GOSsiPLunar Probe LandingSuccess+4
28 Dec 1972GOSsiPManned Lunar Orbit and DockingFailed Docking+2
30 Dec 1972GOSsiPManned Lunar LandingPlannedGAME WIN
31 Dec 1972GOSsiPScrubbed
5 Dec 1973SHADOPlanned
10 Dec 1973Smaug IncPlanned
12 Dec 1973Smaug IncPlanned
14 Dec 1973Smaug IncPlanned

Note that if an interplanetary mission was aimed at two targets, it is only counted as successful if it performs orbital activities at both targets.

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