1961 ASA Summary

Program Units Safety Factor
1. Orbital Satellite 1 65%
2. Interplanetary Satellite 1 64%
3. Lunar Probe 1 73%
B. Two Stage Rocket 2 91%
c. Three Person Capsule 1 91%
h. Four Person Capsule/Module 1 25%


Name Completed Flights
Colonel Steve Zodiac 1
Captain Ken Ross 1
Professor Matthew "Matt" Matic 0
Dr. Venus 1
Jock Campbell 0
Co-Pilot Chuck 0
Lieutenant 90 0

1 Launch Facility at Woomera

One year, at the choosing of ASA, a launch facility may be used twice in the same year. The second launch will be made on the 31st December. The launch must be planned in advance as usual.

First capsule failure will be ignored.

First module failure will be ignored.1

No Launches planned for 1962

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Correct count of equipment and flights by astronauts


  1. For the four person capsule/module, the mission step determines which kind of failure is involved.

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