Liftoff! Mission Budget Effects

Liftoff! Mission Budget Effects

Mission TypeFirst Nation BonusSecond Nation BonusThird Nation BonusSubsequent Mission BonusFailed Mission Penalty
Orbital Satellite+16+10+6+2-3
Manned Space Mission+24+12+6+2-10
Manned Orbital+16+10+6+2-10
Manned Docking+11+7+4+1-2
Space Walk+11+7+4+1-2
International Docking (Each)+12+6+4+2-4
Two-Person Craft+10+4+20-10
Three-Person Craft+20+10+50-10
Four-Person Craft+30+16+100-10
Reusable Shuttle+30+16+100-10
International Crew (Each)+12+6+4+2-4
Lunar Fly-by+6+4+3+2-3
Mars Fly-by+8+6+4+2-3
Venus Fly-by+8+6+4+2-3
Manned Lunar Pass+15+7+3+1-10
Manned Lunar Orbit+30+14+10+4-10
Lunar Probe Landing+20+12+8+4-6
Rescue Attempt+12+12+12+12+8

If a mission is successful and qualifies for more than one bonus, all will apply (for example if the first manned orbital mission is also the first two-person crew then your mission bonus will be $26m.

Only the worst mission penalty will apply (so if the two-person manned orbital mission failed, the penalty would be $10m).

If a large crew (3 or 4 person crew) mission happens before a smaller crew, only one crew bonus is awarded and the smaller crew bonus will not longer be available.

If a manned lunar orbital mission happens before a manned lunar pass only the bonus for the orbital is awarded and the lunar pass bonus will not longer be available.

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