Le Journal de Paris de janvier 16xx

Recording the events of Paris and beyond during janvier 16xx

New Year, New Faces

As the new year dawned. several new faces have been gracing Paris with their presence. Several of these are newly arrived sons of members of the nobility including most notably that of Charles, the first son of Count Cyarcon. The new faces have applied to various different regiments with many various results, although three of the new intake have failed to convince their choice of regiment to accept their application.

Cause for confusion

Pity poor Flora Pernet! Her door was almost continuously occupied this month by two new suitors: Eddie Eagle and Frederick Richter. Although her diet has been much improved as the pair tried, in vain, to woo her heart; she did express annoyance at being unable to leave her property for much of the month for want of being able to dodge her serenaders. As a result of the confusion both gentlemen have cause to fight a duel next month.

Practice, practice, practice

Fencing School Engraving

Le Perche du Coudray's Fencing School

It seems that Le Perche du Coudray, the famous fencing master, is much in demand; with many members of the Paris scene deciding to improve their rapier skills this month. In fact a majority of the new faces partook in the exercise. Sadly Jack Antequil could only attend for the first week of training as his funds did not permit further training and one is left to wonder if Jack will be forced to join the frontier regiments in the Pyrénées in the very near future.

New drink unlikely to catch on

Although allegedly previously available in Marseille, a new drink has been made available as part of an attempt to introduce a new club to the city, Le Club Café. The new drink, of a suspiciously deep brown colour has a bitter taste and one wonders what the attraction of this drink over that of our native (and better tasting) wines.


All new recruits to the 53rd Fusiliers are invited to a welcome dinner at the Blue Gables during the second week of February 16xx1.
Colonel Friend, 53rd Fusiliers.

Royal Marine Appointments

Frederick Richter is hereby appointed Captain of E company.

13th Fusilier Appointments

Henri d'Alembert is hereby appointed Major, commander of the 2nd battalion.

53rd Fusiliers Appointments

George Friend is hereby appointed Colonel.

The Greasy Pole

NameSL±SPPosition(s)Last Seen WithClub
Henri d'Alembert611Major, 13th FusiliersAuriane DelaunayThe Frog & Peach
Cyrano de Bergonne2-1-1Private, 53rd Fusiliers
Charles Cyarcon11-14Private. Royal Foot Guards
Daryl Impey911Captain, Royal MarinesHunters
Eddie Eagle5-13The Frog & Peach
Frederick Richter22
George Friend714Colonel, 53rd FusiliersAurélie PueyrredónThe Blue Gables
Henri Boyson4-1-1Private, Picardy Musketeers
Isaac Iverson9-13Private, King's Musketeers
Jack Antequil2-11Red Phillips
Kit Harryson2-11Private, 53rd FusiliersRed Phillips
Status Level as of the end of the month
Change in status level this month
Status Points earned this month.

Femmes Fatales

NameSLAttributesLast Seen With
Auriane Delaunay7Influential, WealthyHenri d'Alembert
Flora Pernet7Stunning, Influential
Solène Prudhomme12Wealthy
Micheline Barbet15Influential
Élisabeth Beaumont8
Brigitte Silvestre8
Albane Bacque15
Lesly Beaumont11Wealthy
Aurélie Pueyrredón9WealthyGeorge Friend
Bernadette Cuvier7Stunning, Influential
Émilie Beaufils11Influential, Wealthy

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  1. This will count as toadying to George Friend.

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