Sir Alex Kuzbidon

Orphaned son of Sir Kuzbidon, a wealthy knight.

PlayerNeil Leach
Strength7Started at 7
Rapier Expertise12Started at 11. 2 weeks of practice
Sabre Expertise11Started at 11
Cutlass Expertise11Started at 11
Constitution8Started at 8
Endurance56 of 56Started at 56
Military Ability5Started at 5
Cash2888Started at 4000
Allowance and/or Pension0Started at 0
Social Level10Started at 10
Regiment & RankRoyal Marines, CaptainC company
FavoursOne Level 2 favour
Female CompanionAurélie PueyrredónSocial Level 9, Wealthy
Stable1 horse

Order Template

octobre 1624
Promoted to Captain
mai 1624
Successfully courts Aurélie Pueyrredón
janvier 1624
Accepted by Royal Marines and joins as a subaltern.
décembre 1623
Arrives in Paris for the first time.

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