Marius Thibodeux

Orphan of a very wealthy merchant.

PlayerChris Bailey
Strength9Started at 9
Rapier Expertise17Started at 14. 3 weeks of practice
Sabre Expertise14Started at 14
Cutlass Expertise14Started at 14
Constitution15Started at 15
Endurance135 of 135Started at 135
Military Ability6Started at 6
Cash2956Started at 4000
Allowance and/or Pension0Started at 0
Social Level7Started at 4
ClubThe Frog & Peach
Regiment & RankPicardy Musketeers, CaptainCommander of B company
Investments in Parisian Property200 CrownsSpent 120 crowns per property to get a finer property
Investments in Parisian Property100 CrownsRented out to Phillipe Lemoine at a rent of 7 crowns a month
Stable1 horse
Female CompanionÉmilie BeaufilsSocial Level 11, Influential, Wealthy

Order Template

julliet 1624
Wins duel against Cochon de Lait
mai 1624

Successful recital meeting obgainised by Guillame de Batz. Loses the companionship of Flora Pernet to Cochon de Lait
février 1624
Joins the Picardy Musketeers as a private. Gained a social level.
janvier 1624
rejected by the Picardy Musketeers. Accepted by Flora Pernet.
décembre 1623
Arrives in Paris for the first time.

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