Kit Harryson

Bastard son of an impoverished gentleman.

Strength12Started at 12
Rapier Expertise16Started at 16. 1 week of practice
Sabre Expertise16Started at 16
Cutlass Expertise16Started at 16
Constitution8Started at 8
Endurance96 of 96Started at 96
Military Ability1Started at 1
Cash24Started at 36
Allowance and/or Pension2Started at 0
Regiment & Rank53rd Fusiliers, Private
Social Level2Started at 3

Order Template

Janvier 16xx Week 4
On duty.
Janvier 16xx Week 3
On duty.
Janvier 16xx Week 2
Practises with the Rapier.
Janvier 16xx Week 1
Does Nothing - no orders provided.
Janvier 16xx
Joins 53rd Fusiliers.
Janvier 16xx
Arrives in Paris for the first time.

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