Jean Huile

Second Son of an impoverished gentleman.

PlayerGeoff Titchener
LocationAt Frontier
Strength5Started at 5
Rapier Expertise11Started at 10
Sabre Expertise10Started at 10. 1 week of practice
Cutlass Expertise10Started at 10
Constitution12Started at 12
Endurance60 of 60Started at 60
Military Ability3Started at 3
Cash316Started at 40
Allowance and/or Pension0Started at 0
Social Level5Started at 4
Regiment & RankPicardy Musketeers, CaptainCommander of D company
ClubRed Phillips
Stable1 horse

Order Template

juin 1624
Lost duel against Roget Thésaurus
mars 1624
Mentioned in dispatches (4SP) for actions during the assault of Mariambourg with the frontier regiments
janvier 1624
Accepted into the Picardy Musketers. Rejected by Flora Pernet.
décembre 1623
Arrives in Paris for the first time.

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