Guillame De Batz

Second Son of a very wealthy Viscount De Batz.

PlayerRhodri James
Strength7Started at 7
Rapier Expertise7Started at 6. 3 weeks of practice
Sabre Expertise6Started at 6
Cutlass Expertise6Started at 6
Constitution11Started at 11
Endurance77 of 77Started at 77
Military Ability2Started at 2
Cash601Started at 750
Allowance and/or Pension125Started at 125
Social Level9Started at 10
Female CompanionBernadette CuvierSocial Level 7, Stunning, Influential
Investments in Tulip Farms110 Crowns
Investments in Parisian Property200 Crowns

Order Template

septembre 1624
His Play, Les Boutons Manquant is a great success
avril 1624
Great Egg Race
mars 1624
Pineapple Party!
février 1624
Wins Ostrich joust against Phillipe Lemoine1.
janvier 1624
Wins the companionship of Gisèle Barthélemy and promptly loses it
décembre 1623
Arrives in Paris for the first time.

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  1. +1 expertise (i.e. 7) in ostrich jousting should it become relevant

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