George Friend

2nd son of Baron Friend, a very wealthy baron.

Strength8Started at 8
Rapier Expertise11Started at 11
Sabre Expertise11Started at 11
Cutlass Expertise11Started at 11
Constitution10Started at 10
Endurance80 of 80Started at 80
Military Ability6Started at 6
Cash167Started at 750
Allowance and/or Pension147Started at 125
Regiment & Rank53rd Fusiliers, Colonel
ClubThe Blue Gables
Female CompanionAurélie PueyrredónSocial Level 9,Wealthy
Social Level9Started at 9

Order Template

Janvier 16xx Week 4
Visits the Blue Gables with Aurélie Pueyrredón.
Janvier 16xx Week 3
Successfully courts Aurélie Pueyrredón.
Janvier 16xx Week 2
Courts Aurélie Pueyrredón (who rejects his advances).
Janvier 16xx Week 1
Joins The Blue Gables
Janvier 16xx
Joins the 53rd Fusiliers as their colonel.
Janvier 16xx
Arrives in Paris for the first time.

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