Cochon de Lait

Second Son of Baron de Lait.

PlayerZygmunt Lozinski
Strength5Started at 5
Rapier Expertise10Started at 10
Sabre Expertise10Started at 10
Cutlass Expertise11Started at 10
Constitution12Started at 12
Endurance80 of 80Started at 80
Military Ability3Started at 3
Cash138Started at 250
Allowance and/or Pension50Started at 50
Social Level7Started at 7
ClubThe Blue Gables
Regiment & RankRoyal Marines, SubalternMember of A company
Female CompanionFlora PernetSocial Level 7, Stunning, Influential

Order Template

août 1624
Promoted to subaltern
juillet 1624
Loses a duel against Marius Thibodeux
mai 1624
Becomes the companion of Flora Pernet
avril 1624
Arrives in Paris for the first time.

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