Charles Cyarcon

1st son of Count Cyarcon, an impoverished count.

Strength9Started at 9
Rapier Expertise12Started at 12
Sabre Expertise12Started at 12
Cutlass Expertise12Started at 12
Constitution15Started at 15
Endurance135 of 135Started at 135
Military Ability1Started at 1
Cash32Started at 44
Allowance and/or Pension12Started at 0
Regiment & RankRoyal Foot Guards, Private
Social Level11Started at 12

Order Template

Janvier 16xx Week 4
On Duty.
Janvier 16xx Week 3
On Duty.
Janvier 16xx Week 2
Practises with the Rapier.
Janvier 16xx Week 1
Does nothing - no order given for this week.
Janvier 16xx
Joins Royal Foot Guards as a private.
Janvier 16xx
Arrives in Paris for the first time.

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