Albert Kestrel

Second Son of a well-to-do Gentleman.

PlayerChris Carrigan
Strength11Started at 11
Rapier Expertise11Started at 10. 2 weeks of practice
Sabre Expertise12Started at 10. 2 weeks of practice
Cutlass Expertise10Started at 10
Constitution13Started at 13
Endurance143 of 143Started at 143
Military Ability6Started at 6
Cash26Started at 250
Allowance and/or Pension50Started at 50
Social Level6Started at 4
Female CompanionÉlisabeth BeaumontSocial Level 8
Stable1 horse
Regiment & RankQueen's Own Carabiniers, SubalternMember of A troop

Order Template

juillet 1624
Promoted to subaltern.
avril 1624
Joins Queen's Own Carabiniers as a private.
janvier 1624
Becomes the companion of Élisabeth Beaumont.
décembre 1623
Arrives in Paris for the first time.

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